David Montano
CorrespondentHomecoming (Installation view)Go Out and Bring Me LazarusUntitledBoll WeevilMonument 1&2Long LifeEntr'acteLiferaftLiferaftUntitled (Virtus)Untitled FetischePilloriedStudy for PhantomBrief ReceptionMalaureateUntitled
Non-work and non-painting are terms I use to describe art made from common or non-traditional materials. Forsaking traditional artisan materials for ordinary materials, or objects cast aside as obsolete or undesirable, these works propose the apotheosis of the trite, or the refutation of the ubiquitous, in an attempt to equate the banal with the monumental.

Taking the form of installation, assemblage, and sculpture, non-work is crafted out of the surplus or debris of urbanization and consumerism, and often suggests the documentation of marginal lives or neglected places.

Mirroring the ephemeral quality of the found, recycled, or non-archival materials with which they are composed, these works explore transient or detached states often within the context of allegories or parables.