David Montano
Untitled Map DrawingFactorytownUntitled (View from above#5)Drinking WaterFirst FloodReservoirVillainous Bilge WaterMedicineLegumesBreakfastHex ProtectionPurifica
As my collages often resemble an overhead view of a cityscape or city blocks, my “map” drawings usually depict a bird’s eye view of rural and urban scenes. These semi-fictitious landscapes, originate from a combination of both fantastic settings and the real places I have encountered in my lifetime. I use icons to depict landmarks, as well as various small symbols and text to mark space. When drawing, I employ a similar editing process as with the collages. My focus is on mark making and the human impulse to modify, correct, or conceal a mark. There is always a play between what is seen and what is not seen, what is present and what is absent.