David Montano
1/4 of a marginal life (Detail)Exu, Gentleman AdventurerExu, Gentleman Adventurer (Detail)New CelebrityPenas de mi AlmaPenas de mi Alma (Detail)Penas de mi Alma (Detail)Penas de mi Alma (Detail)Penas de mi Alma (Detail)Penas de mi Alma (Detail)I Escaped Through a Series of LoopholesAvalancheUntitled (Fan)For PrivacyFor PrivacyKaleidoscope
Paper Assemblage
My collages and assemblages examine nostalgia, memory, and absence through a variety of materials both personal and collected. Using paper, fabric, printed material, and other ephemera, my work explores visual narrative, giving objects new life as they become part of a collective whole. My work draws reference from historical events, children’s art, music, and outsider culture, and often resembles a visual journal or record of an event, though when working, I am more concerned with subverting or embellishing memory for the purpose of storytelling.